Student Programmes

To cater the needs for students’ affective development, a three-pronged approach is employed to design and deliver affective education (AE) programme themes:
1) Direct Thematic AE Workshops
2) AE Infused Academic Courses
3) Individualised and Advanced Learning

The approach is based on the Affective Education Framework set by the Education Bureau which are Self-Affirmation, Self-Management, Group Interaction, Creativity, Widening of Perspectives, Life Education, Career-Oriented Education and Leadership Training. The affective education framework is further enriched to include the theories and concepts of Positive Psychology, Whole Person Development, and 21st Century Competencies. Correspondingly, related to intrapersonal and interpersonal capability building programmes are designed and offered.

Programme List

Direct Thematic AE Workshops

  • “Peersay” Communication Skills Workshop
  • “Show Yourself” – Knowing and Expressing Yourself Through Expressive Arts Therapy
  • “1+1” Group
  • Advanced Communication: Communication Hunter – Treasure in the Desert World (P4 – S2) & (S3 – S6)
  • Advanced Storytelling – Present Presentable Presentations Presentably (P4 – S2) & (S3 – S6)
  • Be a Creative Student Workshop
  • Communication Explorers – Searching for Hidden Voices of Gifted Learners (English & Chinese)
  • Creative Master – Poster Design
  • Educational Trend Seminar: Sustainability in STEM Curriculum Design and Life Education
  • Event Master: Be Effective and Collaborative
  • Event Evangelists – Be Creative and Flexible
  • Exploring the Society Workshop
  • Failurology – Failure Taster, Thinker & Innovator
  • Fri-Vers’ Nite: My Life as a Radio Personality
  • Game Design Creation: Decode Your Career Interest
  • I Am Who I Am – A Creative Moment Workshop for Thinkers
  • Information Literacy Leader
  • Information Literacy Specialist
  • Inside Out Series – Self Management (III)
  • Inside Out Series – Social Relationship (I) Secondary
  • Introductory Arts and Personal Development (Level 1) – Creative Scriptwriting
  • Leadership Training Workshop
  • Let Us Shine
  • Life Education Workshop
  • Self-Awareness – Sharing Workshop
  • Social Skills Workshop – Be a Sociable Gifted Student
  • Storytelling Workshop – Finding the “Magic Moment” of Giftedness (English & Chinese)
  • Time Management Workshop – Primary Edition
  • Time Management Workshop – Secondary Edition
  • What Aspires That Matters: Preparation for Studying Overseas and Embracing Cultural Differences
  • What Aspires that Matters: STEM with Art
  • What Aspires That Matters: The Secret of Success: Establish a Startup Company

AE Infused Academic Courses

  • “Get-Set-Goal (GSG) – Blueprint of Our Life” Series
  • Applied Philosophy (Level 3) – Governing Matters: From Ancient China to Modern Western Countries
  • Be An Energy Hero – To Formulate the Optimal & Sustainable Energy Plan
  • Biotechnology I (Level 4) – Cancer: From Beginning to End
  • Co-Creating Smart City – Research / Service Learning Project 2018/19: A Mobile App for A&E Services of the Public Hospitals.
  • Co-Creating Smart City – Research / Service Learning Project 2018/19: Smart Traveller APP
  • Colonialising Hong Kong – Wars and Unexpected Economic Expansion (Comparative Study with Macau, Taiwan and Japan)
  • Contemporary Literature (Level 4) – Tracking Hong Kong Literature
  • Creative Advertising Skills – Love, Derivative Works & Viral Marketing
  • Creative Writing in Drama & Scriptwriting
  • Creativity for Media Communication
  • De-Colonialising Hong Kong – Field Study and Digitalising Local History (and Arguments in Safeguarding Local History and Culture)
  • Design Doing for a Sustainable Future Urban Farming, Food Production, and the Joy of Growing
  • Event Photography – Storytelling through the Camera
  • Exercise Science – Mental and Physical Well-Being
  • Experiencing Start-Up – Inspirations, Design and Prototype for Social Innovation
  • From Environmental Education, Eco-Geology to Resources Management and Astronomical – Geography
  • Introductory Talk in Technology – Chatbot Your Smart City
  • Introductory Talk in Technology – Developing Hong Kong into a World-Leading Smart City
  • Investing for Future and Decoding Financial Crisis – Anti-Money Laundering & Fintech Revolution
  • Journalism and Communication (Level 3): Journalists Skills in Practices
  • Life is Like a Camera – Film Photography
  • Literature in English (Level 3) – Shifting Worlds, Shifting Selves: Reading & Writing in Different Fiction Genres
  • Modern and Contemporary World Literature III (Level 3) – Utopian and Dystopian
  • Multidisciplinary Course (Level 3) – Be All Ears and Beyond Listening
  • Origin(s) of Hong Kong – Anthropological and Narratological Approach (From Neolithic Period to the Naming of “Hong Kong”)
  • Small Narratives and Big Data – Oral History of Family and Community (Methodology in History Studies and Building Database)
  • Special Topics in Psychology (Level 3) – Abnormal Psychology – Awareness and Understanding: Yourself, Others and Mental Health
  • The Quest for Ultimate Mysteries – Time, Life and the Fate of Our Universe
  • Treatments on Illnesses Related to the Brain or Emotions
  • Western Philosophy (Level 3) – Philosophy of Love

Individualised and Advanced Learning

  • Aspirations – CV Challengers
  • Aspirations – Freshmen’s Insights: Oxbridge Opportunities
  • Big History and Collective Learning Mini-Project Teams
  • Big History and Collective Learning Student Presentation and Ceremony
  • Camp Creatian
  • Creative Club
  • Glocal Club
  • JA Company Programme 2019/20 & 2020/21
  • Organising Committee of the Student Symposium – “The Beautiful Hearts & Minds of Gifted Students”
  • STEAM Club
  • STEM Club
  • Student Forum 2020 – New Normal
  • Student Organising Team – Camp Creatian 2019/20
  • Student Orgnaising Team – Student Forum 2020
  • Student Organising Team – the Voice of Gifted Learners 2019/20
  • The Voice of Gifted Learners – Fast Forward and Slow Motion