Parent Programmes

Talks, lectures, workshops, parent sharing support groups would be organised to develop their parenting skills and to enhance their self-awareness on their own wellbeing, and to exchange their thoughts and experiences in nurturing gifted children.

Programme List

Parents only

  • Alumni’s Sharing – From a Twice-Exceptional Student to a Barrister
  • Connecting with Child
  • Connecting with Oneself
  • Enhance Emotional Regulation of Gifted Children
  • Enhancing Children’s Flexibility to Cope with Changes Arising form the Pandemic
  • Helping Your Gifted Child Bloom! Parent Workshop
  • HKAGE Parent Peer Support Group (Primary & Secondary)
  • HKAGE Parent Peer Support Group (Primary)
  • HKAGE Parent Peer Support Group (Secondary)
  • Introductory Arts and Personal Development (Level 1) – One as Thousands: Creative Script Writing
  • Learning and Cultivating Self-Compassion for Parents
  • Let Our Gifted Children Smile Everyday
  • Outreach Talk – Understanding Gifted Children: Attributes and Nurturing
  • Outreach Talk – Affective Needs of Gifted Children
  • Outreach Talk – ABCs of Giftedness
  • Parent Peer Tutoring Programme
  • Parent Online Workshop A – Strategies for Enhancing Well-Being of Children with High Abilities (For Junior Students Aged 10-13)
  • Parent Online Workshop B – Strategies for Enhancing Well-Being of Children with High Abilities (For Senior Students Aged 14-18)
  • Parenting for a Peaceful World
  • Resume Our Gifted Children’s Confidence
  • Road to be Gifted
  • Strength-Based Parenting – Building Children and Parents’ Self-Efficacy
  • The Voice of A Principal – How to Assist Gifted Students to Unleash Their Potential
  • Nurturing Positive Parent – Child Communication, What Are Your Insights?
  • How to Support Children Facing Failure?

Parents & Teachers

  • Educational Trend Seminar: Sustainability in STEM Curriculum Design and Life Education
  • Ignite and Nurture the Creativity of Our Next Bright Stars
  • Mindful Yoga for Calmness and Wellbeing
  • To Leave or Not to Leave – Finding the Best School for Your Child to Blossom
  • Trash to Treasure: Sustainable Development Handcraft Workshop
  • Webinar – Positive Psychology and Wellness: A Foundation for Talent Development

Parents & Childern

  • “1+1” Parent-Child Group
  • “1+1“ Parent-Child Group – Briefing for Parents
  • “1+1” Group
  • ASPIRATIONS – Freshmen’s Insights: Oxbridge Opportunities
  • Creativity Workshop
  • Get-Set-Goal: Early Planning of Our Life Series – Parent-Student Workshop
  • Introductory Arts and Personal Development (Level 1) – Be a Junior Scriptwriter (Parent-Student Edition)
  • Parent-Child Creativity Workshop
  • Parent-Child Pastel Nagomi Art Experiential Workshop
  • Workshop in Personal Growth and Social Development – Parent-Student Workshop: Dim2See? Film Appreciation on “Wonder”